Electromagnetic Engineering.

From semi-finished to the finished part.


MARCHANDISE Technologie GmbH is a family owned trading company with long term experience on this niche market. We are specialized in finished products made from softmagnetic alloys and in semifinished products.

Further more we see ourselves as a specialist for industry, universities and institutions and we provide you with expert advice and the highest quality of service at your disposal.

We are focused on finished magnetic shielding made from softmagnetic alloys such as ╬╝Metal or 50% NiFe, as well as components for transformers such as laminations in NiFe, toroidal cores and cut cores [NiFe and SiFe].

We believe in customer satisfaction and customer confidence with our high quality products and services we deliver cutting-edge technolgy. We understand the customers’ needs and create tailored services through competitive advantages for our customers.

Optional we offer our service to take measurements on-site with a gaussmeter to determine the type and design of the shielding.

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